Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some common FAQs about Adventure Church of Yuba City. If you do not find an answer to your question(s) here, please feel free to contact us!

Where is the church and what time are your services?

Adventure Church is located at 876 West Onstott Frontage Rd. Yuba City. Our Sunday morning services are at 9AM and 10:45AM. Hope to see you soon!

Is there a dress code?

We’ve intentionally designed our services to be welcoming and casual. We want everyone who attends Adventure to feel comfortable. For some, that might mean a shirt and tie; for others, it might mean shorts and flip-flops. Most people wear jeans or slacks and a shirt.

What is the service like?

Once you enter Adventure Church, not only will you find hot coffee, water, and other refreshments to enjoy as you find a place to sit, but, best of all, you will also notice lots of smiling faces and friendly people to help answer any question you might have. And you can check out the Connection Center for any specific need we might help you with. We worship for about 30 minutes in the beginning of each service, and typically collect our weekly tithes and offerings during the final worship song. This collection is primarily for those who have made Adventure their home church. We never place any pressure upon visiting families to contribute to the offering. After a few announcements, Pastor Greg (aka “PG”), our lead pastor, shares a message that usually lasts 25-30 minutes (OK, sometimes it goes a little longer if PG gets fired up!). He teaches straight from the Bible with a strong emphasis on application (the “take-away”). Now and then, another pastor from Adventure or a guest will share the message. The service typically ends with a song and sometimes an opportunity to respond to the message. Afterwards, there are more smiles, handshakes, hugs, and opportunities to connect as people head out the doors. PG will often stand outside near the doors to greet those who are leaving. So, if you have any questions for him or just want to say “Hello,” please stop by and shake his hand or give him a big hug.

What is the worship music like?

Adventure has a full praise band that draws us into worship, generally with upbeat and contemporary music (the style one might hear on K-LOVE radio), but also some common hymns now and then. The band consists of an experienced lead singer on keyboard, accompanied by other vocalists, guitars (electric and acoustic), bass, drums, and saxophone. Because Adventure is filled with talented musicians, you may see a variety of different faces on stage from week to week. And occasionally, worship is led by a different lead singer on guitar.

What about my kids? Is there something for them while I’m in the service?

We LOVE kids here at Adventure! In fact, years ago, PG was a children’s ministry pastor. Children bring such energy and vitality to our church! We provide a great program for them (infants through 5th grade) in “Adventure Village,” which is filled with music, crafts, and Bible teaching. You can check in your children at Adventure Village’s registration desk, and be assured that they will be there for you to pick up once the service is over. We want your children to feel just as comfortable as the adults. So, if your child is nervous about being in a new place, they are welcome to remain with you throughout the worship service.

Are you affiliated with any other groups?

While we consider ourselves to be an independent, non-denominational church, we are associated with two other organizations. The first, Adventure Church of Roseville (now Bayside! Adventure Church). When we were in the pre-launch phase of our church back in 2011, they provided their “blessing and branding” to our work, and we still maintain a close relationship with them, as well as with the Adventure Church in Natomas. The second is the Western District of the EFCA (Evangelical Free Church of America). They got behind us in a tangible way, providing us with some start-up funding to launch Adventure Church of Yuba City. Although we are grateful to be associated with both of these groups as they provide help and encouragement to our young church, we remain a completely autonomous work.